PMP-RMP Practice Exam Questions

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How is Project Risk Management related to Project Management from the following?
It is uncertain and based on assumptions and constraints.
It uses unstructured and disciplined techniques to clear uncertainty.
It provides an approach by which uncertainties can be understood, assessed, and managed within projects.
It provides inputs to project management processes.
Which of these statements is FALSE?
Project Risk Management is an integral part all the project management processes.
In Risk management Practice, the project managers are the key actors in all the processes.
Goals and values of the organization should be the basis on which risk management is implemented.
Risk Management ensures a positive return on investment to all parties related to the project.

The project management plan specifies that a predictive development approach has been selected to produce the project deliverables.

Where in the project life cycle will the overall project risk be the lowest?

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A company is considering two projects, Alpha and Beta. Project Alpha is expected to result in a $50 million net profit, while project Beta and is expected to net $45 million. Both projects could be very lucrative and rewarding. However, the financial controller has stated that the company can only invest in one of these projects.

If project Alpha is selected, what will be the opportunity cost?

$95 million
$50 million
$45 million
$5 million

You are managing a project to build five bridges. The project consists of five sequential phases with each phase delivering one bridge.

After the first phase of the project is complete, which process group of the second phase should follow?

The definition of a risk is best described as:
Some positive or negative impact that will occur on a project
Something negative that will occur on a project
Something that may have a positive or negative impact on a project
An evaluation of threats on a project
As you are monitoring the cost baseline for your project, you notice that project expenses are higher than expected at this point in the project.
What is the most likely cause of the variance?
Overestimated material costs
Lack of stakeholder support
An incomplete milestone list
Excess inventory
Halo effect
Pareto concept

You have just taken over a project in execution. During your first week, you determine that the project team members spend a lot of time responding to unexpected requests for information from different project stakeholders. Because of these interruptions, the team cannot focus on their project activities, and as a result, the project is behind schedule.

What should you do first?

Tell the team members to stop responding to unexpected requests since it is not the responsibility of the team
Push the team to respond to all the requests faster so that they can perform their assigned project activities on time
Ask the team to forward all stakeholder inquiries to you so that the team members can focus on their assigned tasks
Review the communications management plan to understand how stakeholder requests should be handled